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Circulating Tumour DNA as a Potential Cost-Effective Biomarker to Reduce Adjuvant Chemotherapy Overtreatment in Stage II Colorectal Cancer

Yat Hang To, Koen Degeling, Suzanne Kosmider, Rachel Wong, Margaret Lee, Catherine Dunn, Grace Gard, Azim Jalali, Vanessa Wong, Maarten IJzerman, Peter Gibbs, Jeanne Tie



BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Substantial adjuvant chemotherapy (AC) overtreatment for stage II colorectal cancer results in a health and financial burden. Circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) can improve patient selection for AC by detecting micro-metastatic disease. We estimated the health economic potential of ctDNA-guided AC for stage II colorectal cancer. METHODS: A cost-utility analysis was performed to compare ctDNA-guided AC to standard of care, where 22.6% of standard of care patients and all ctDNA-positive patients (8.7% of tested patients) received AC and all ctDNA-negative patients (91.3%) did not. A third preference-sensitive ctDNA strategy was included where 6.8% of ctDNA-negative patien..

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