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The Fc region of an antibody impacts the neutralization of West Nile viruses in different maturation states.

Phong D Lee, Swati Mukherjee, Melissa A Edeling, Kimberly A Dowd, S Kyle Austin, Carolyn J Manhart, Michael S Diamond, Daved H Fremont, Theodore C Pierson

J Virol | American Society for Microbiology | Published : 2013


Flavivirus-infected cells secrete a structurally heterogeneous population of viruses because of an inefficient virion maturation process. Flaviviruses assemble as noninfectious, immature virions composed of trimers of envelope (E) and precursor membrane (prM) protein heterodimers. Cleavage of prM is a required process during virion maturation, although this often remains incomplete for infectious virus particles. Previous work demonstrated that the efficiency of virion maturation could impact antibody neutralization through changes in the accessibility of otherwise cryptic epitopes on the virion. In this study, we show that the neutralization potency of monoclonal antibody (MAb) E33 is sensi..

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