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Dehydration converts DsbG crystal diffraction from low to high resolution.

Begoña Heras, Melissa A Edeling, Karl A Byriel, Alun Jones, Satish Raina, Jennifer L Martin

Structure | Elsevier BV | Published : 2003


Diffraction quality crystals are essential for crystallographic studies of protein structure, and the production of poorly diffracting crystals is often regarded as a dead end in the process. Here we show a dramatic improvement of poorly diffracting DsbG crystals allowing high-resolution diffraction data measurement. Before dehydration, the crystals are fragile and the diffraction pattern is streaky, extending to 10 A resolution. After dehydration, there is a spectacular improvement, with the diffraction pattern extending to 2 A resolution. This and other recent results show that dehydration is a simple, rapid, and inexpensive approach to convert poor quality crystals into diffraction qualit..

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