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Host Species and Geography Differentiate Honeybee Gut Bacterial Communities by Changing the Relative Contribution of Community Assembly Processes.

Yuan Ge, Zhongwang Jing, Qingyun Diao, Ji-Zheng He, Yong-Jun Liu

mBio | American Society for Microbiology | Published : 2021


Honeybee gut microbiota modulates the health and fitness of honeybees, the ecologically and economically important pollinators and honey producers. However, which processes drive the assembly and shift of honeybee gut microbiota remains unknown. To explore the patterns of honeybee gut bacterial communities across host species and geographical sites and the relative contribution of different processes (i.e., homogeneous selection, variable selection, homogeneous dispersal, dispersal limitation, and an undominated process) in driving the patterns, two honeybee species (Apis cerana and Apis mellifera) were sampled from five geographically distant sites along a latitudinal gradient, followed by ..

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