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Improving the Digestibility of Plant Defensins to Meet Regulatory Requirements for Transgene Products in Crop Protection.

Kathy Parisi, Simon Poon, Rosemary F Renda, Gurinder Sahota, James English, Nasser Yalpani, Mark R Bleackley, Marilyn A Anderson, Nicole L van der Weerden

Front Plant Sci | Published : 2020


Despite the use of chemical fungicides, fungal diseases have a major impact on the yield and quality of plant produce globally and hence there is a need for new approaches for disease control. Several groups have examined the potential use of antifungal plant defensins for plant protection and have produced transgenic plants expressing plant defensins with enhanced resistance to fungal disease. However, before they can be developed commercially, transgenic plants must pass a series of strict regulations to ensure that they are safe for human and animal consumption as well as the environment. One of the requirements is rapid digestion of the transgene protein in the gastrointestinal tract to ..

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