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Histidine-Rich Defensins from the Solanaceae and Brasicaceae Are Antifungal and Metal Binding Proteins.

Mark R Bleackley, Shaily Vasa, Peta J Harvey, Thomas MA Shafee, Bomai K Kerenga, Tatiana P Soares da Costa, David J Craik, Rohan GT Lowe, Marilyn A Anderson

J Fungi (Basel) | Published : 2020


Plant defensins are best known for their antifungal activity and contribution to the plant immune system. The defining feature of plant defensins is their three-dimensional structure known as the cysteine stabilized alpha-beta motif. This protein fold is remarkably tolerant to sequence variation with only the eight cysteines that contribute to the stabilizing disulfide bonds absolutely conserved across the family. Mature defensins are typically 46-50 amino acids in length and are enriched in lysine and/or arginine residues. Examination of a database of approximately 1200 defensin sequences revealed a subset of defensin sequences that were extended in length and were enriched in histidine res..

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