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Resistance to the Plant Defensin NaD1 Features Modifications to the Cell Wall and Osmo-Regulation Pathways of Yeast.

Amanda I McColl, Mark R Bleackley, Marilyn A Anderson, Rohan GT Lowe

Front Microbiol | Published : 2018


Over the last few decades, the emergence of resistance to commonly used antifungal molecules has become a major barrier to effective treatment of recurrent life-threatening fungal diseases. Resistance combined with the increased incidence of fungal diseases has created the need for new antifungals, such as the plant defensin NaD1, with different mechanisms of action to broaden treatment options. Antimicrobial peptides produced in plants and animals are promising new molecules in the arsenal of antifungal agents because they have different mechanisms of action to current antifungals and are often targeted specifically to fungal pathogens (van der Weerden et al., 2013). A key step in the devel..

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