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The evolution, function and mechanisms of action for plant defensins.

Kathy Parisi, Thomas MA Shafee, Pedro Quimbar, Nicole L van der Weerden, Mark R Bleackley, Marilyn A Anderson

Semin Cell Dev Biol | Published : 2019


Plant defensins are an extensive family of small cysteine rich proteins characterised by a conserved cysteine stabilised alpha beta protein fold which resembles the structure of insect and vertebrate defensins. However, secondary structure and disulphide topology indicates two independent superfamilies of defensins with similar structures that have arisen via an extreme case of convergent evolution. Defensins from plants and insects belong to the cis-defensin superfamily whereas mammalian defensins belong to the trans-defensin superfamily. Plant defensins are produced by all species of plants and although the structure is highly conserved, the amino acid sequences are highly variable with th..

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