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Synergistic Activity between Two Antifungal Proteins, the Plant Defensin NaD1 and the Bovine Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor.

Mark R Bleackley, Charlotte S Dawson, James A McKenna, Pedro Quimbar, Brigitte ME Hayes, Nicole L van der Weerden, Marilyn A Anderson

mSphere | Published : 2017


Defensins are a large family of small, cationic, cysteine-rich proteins that are part of the defense arsenal that plants use for protection against potentially damaging fungal infections. The plant defensin NaD1 from Nicotiana alata is a potent antifungal protein that inhibits growth and kills a variety of fungal pathogens that affect both plant and animal (human) hosts. Some serine protease inhibitors have also been reported to be antifungal molecules, while others have no inhibitory activity against fungi. Here we describe the synergistic activity of the plant defensin NaD1 with a selection of serine protease inhibitors against the plant pathogens Fusarium graminearum and Colletotrichum gr..

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