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Inhibition of cereal rust fungi by both class I and II defensins derived from the flowers of Nicotiana alata.

Peter M Dracatos, Nicole L van der Weerden, Kate T Carroll, Elizabeth D Johnson, Kim M Plummer, Marilyn A Anderson

Mol Plant Pathol | Published : 2014


Defensins are a large family of small, cysteine-rich, basic proteins, produced by most plants and plant tissues. They have a primary function in defence against fungal disease, although other functions have been described. This study reports the isolation and characterization of a class I secreted defensin (NaD2) from the flowers of Nicotiana alata, and compares its antifungal activity with the class II defensin (NaD1) from N. alata flowers, which is stored in the vacuole. NaD2, like all other class I defensins, lacks the C-terminal pro-peptide (CTPP) characteristic of class II defensins. NaD2 is most closely related to Nt-thionin from N. tabacum (96% identical) and shares 81% identity with ..

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