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Subcellular targeting and biosynthesis of cyclotides in plant cells.

Brendon F Conlan, Amanda D Gillon, Barbara L Barbeta, Marilyn A Anderson

Am J Bot | Published : 2011


PREMISE OF THE STUDY: The cyclotide kalata B1 is found in the leaves of Oldenlandia affinis and is a potent insecticidal and nematocidal molecule. This peptide is cleaved from a precursor protein, Oak1, and ligation of the N- and C-termini occurs to form a continuous peptide backbone. The subcellular location of the excision and cyclization reactions is unknown, and there is debate as to which enzyme catalyzes the event. To determine where in the plant cell Oak1 is processed, we prepared constructs encoding GFP (green fluorescent protein) linked to the cyclotide precursor Oak1. METHODS: The GFP constructs were transiently expressed in the leaves of Nicotiana benthamiana, and GFP fluorescence..

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