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Synergistic In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Pomegranate Rind Extract and Zinc (II) against Micrococcus luteus under Planktonic and Biofilm Conditions

Vildan Celiksoy, Rachael L Moses, Alastair J Sloan, Ryan Moseley, Charles M Heard

PHARMACEUTICS | MDPI | Published : 2021


Infectious diseases caused by microbial biofilms are a major clinical problem, and new antimicrobial agents that can inhibit biofilm formation and eradicate pre-formed biofilms are urgently needed. Pomegranate extracts are a well-established folkloric medicine and have been used in the treatment of infectious diseases since ancient times, whilst the addition of metal ions, including zinc (II), has enhanced the antimicrobial activity of pomegranate. Micrococcus luteus is generally a non-pathogenic skin commensal bacterium, although it can act as an opportunistic pathogen and cause serious infections, particularly involving catheterization and comorbidities. The aims of this study were to eval..

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