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Enteric viruses evoke broad host immune responses resembling those elicited by the bacterial microbiome

Simone Dallari, Thomas Heaney, Adriana Rosas-Villegas, Jessica A Neil, Serre-Yu Wong, Judy J Brown, Kelly Urbanek, Christin Herrmann, Daniel P Depledge, Terence S Dermody, Ken Cadwell

CELL HOST & MICROBE | CELL PRESS | Published : 2021


The contributions of the viral component of the microbiome-the virome-to the development of innate and adaptive immunity are largely unknown. Here, we systematically defined the host response in mice to a panel of eukaryotic enteric viruses representing six different families. Infections with most of these viruses were asymptomatic in the mice, the magnitude and duration of which was dependent on the microbiota. Flow cytometric and transcriptional profiling of mice mono-associated with these viruses unveiled general adaptations by the host, such as lymphocyte differentiation and IL-22 signatures in the intestine, as well as numerous viral-strain-specific responses that persisted. Comparison ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We wish to thank Drs. Julie Pfeiffer (UT Southwestern), Jason G. Smith (University of Washington), David Pintel (University of Missouri), Peter Tattersall (Yale University), Harry B Greenberg (Stanford University), and Kathy McCoy (University of Calgary) for sharing reagents and culturing techniques; Dr. P'ng Loke (NIH) for comments on the manuscript, NYU Grossman School of Medicine Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting, Microscopy, Genome Technology, and Histology Cores for use of their instruments and technical assistance (supported by National Institutes of Health [NIH] grants P31CA016087, S10OD01058, and S10OD018338); and Margie Alva, Juan Carrasquillo, and Beatriz Delgado for assistance with gnotobiotics. This research was supported by NIH grants DK093668 (K.C.), AI121244 (K.C.), HL123340 (K.C.), AI130945 (K.C.), AI140754 (K.C.), DK108562 (J.J.B.), HL007751 (J.J.B.), AI038296 (T.S.D.), and DK098435 (T.S.D.), as well as by a pilot award from the NYU Cancer Center grant P30CA016087 (K.C.). Additional support was provided by the Faculty Scholar grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (K.C.), Crohn's & Colitis Foundation (K.C.), Merieux Institute (K.C.), Kenneth Rainin Foundation (K.C.), Judith & Stewart Colton Center of Autoimmunity (K.C.), and the Heinz Endowments (T.S.D.). K.C. is a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Investigator in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases. Figure S2A and graphical abstract were created using