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Reappraisal of the ASTM/AASHTO Standard Rolling Device Method for Plastic Limit Determination of Fine-Grained Soils

Amin Soltani, Brendan C O'Kelly

GEOSCIENCES | MDPI | Published : 2021


Given its apparent limitations, various attempts have been made to develop alternative testing approaches to the standardized rolling-thread plastic limit (PLRT) method (for fine-grained soils), targeting higher degrees of repeatability and reproducibility. Among these, device-rolling techniques, including the method described in ASTM D4318/AASHTO T90 standards, based on original work by Bobrowski and Griekspoor (BG) and which follows the same basic principles as the standard thread-rolling (by hand) test, have been highly underrated by some researchers. To better understand the true potentials and/or limitations of the BG method for soil plasticity determination (i.e., PLBG), this paper pre..

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