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Outcomes of first-line (1L) ipilimumab and nivolumab (IPI-NIVO) and subsequent therapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC): Results from the International mRCC Database Consortium (IMDC).

Chun Loo Gan, J Connor Wells, Andrew Lachlan Schmidt, Thomas Powles, Ben Tran, Luis A Meza, Chris Labaki, Jae-Lyun Lee, Lori Wood, Julia Shapiro, D Scott Ernst, Anil Kapoor, Christina M Canil, Takeshi Yuasa, Rana R McKay, Benoit Beuselinck, Frede Donskov, Shaan Dudani, Toni K Choueiri, Daniel Yick Chin Heng

Journal of Clinical Oncology | American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) | Published : 2021


4554 Background: IPI NIVO is approved for 1L treatment of IMDC intermediate/poor risk mRCC based on the CHECKMATE 214 trial. Herein, we report the clinical effectiveness of 1L IPI NIVO and second line (2L) therapy in the real-world setting. Methods: Using the IMDC dataset, patients (pts) treated with 1L IPI NIVO were identified. The outcomes of interest were 1L and 2L overall response rate (ORR), treatment duration (TD), time to next treatment (TTNT), and overall survival (OS). Results: 706 pts were included: 9% (57/614), 58% (354/614), and 33% (203/614) were IMDC favorable (fav), intermediate (int), and poor risk, respectively. Median age was 61 years. The majority of pts were males (71%),..

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