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Dissonance in views between parents and clinicians of children with serious illness: How can we bridge the gap?

Naomi T Katz, Jenny L Hynson, Lynn Gillam



Parents of children with serious illness must find a tolerable way of living each day, while caring for their child and making decisions about their treatments. Sometimes clinicians worry that parents do not understand the seriousness of their child's illness, including possible death. This can lead to tension, disagreement and even conflict. Such situations continue to occur despite expanding literature to help clinicians understand drivers of parental behaviour and decision-making. Some of this literature relates to the role of hope and how parents characterise being a 'good parent'. This article will summarise some of the applications and limitations of the hope and 'good parent' literatu..

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Funding Acknowledgements

NT Katz is a PhD Candidate, in receipt of Research Training Program and Murdoch Children's Research Institute PhD Top Up scholarships. The authors wish to thank Dr Michelle Gold and Dr Bronwyn Sacks for their manuscript review and feedback. Finally, and most importantly, the authors wish to acknowledge the parents and young people the authors look after. They motivate the authors to conduct research, so that the authors can care for them in the best way possible.