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Not Just a Simple Sugar: Arabinose Metabolism and Function in Plants.

Alban Mariette, Hee Sung Kang, Joshua L Heazlewood, Staffan Persson, Berit Ebert, Edwin R Lampugnani

Plant Cell Physiol | Published : 2021


Growth, development, structure as well as dynamic adaptations and remodelling processes in plants are largely controlled by the properties of their cell walls. These intricate wall structures are mostly made up of different sugars connected through specific glycosidic linkages but also contain many glycosylated proteins. A key plant sugar that is present throughout the plantae, even before the divergence of the land plant lineage, but is not found in animals, is L-Arabinose (L-Ara). Here, we summarize and discuss the processes and proteins involved in L-Ara de novo synthesis, L-Ara interconversion, and the assembly and recycling of L-Ara-containing cell wall polymers and proteins. We also di..

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