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Effective connectivity in brain networks estimated using EEG signals is altered in children with ADHD.

Ali Kareem Abbas, Ghasem Azemi, Sajad Amiri, Samin Ravanshadi, Amir Omidvarnia

Comput Biol Med | Published : 2021


This study presents a methodology developed for estimating effective connectivity in brain networks (BNs) using multichannel scalp EEG recordings. The methodology uses transfer entropy as an information transfer measure to detect pair-wise directed information transfer between EEG signals within δ, θ, α, β and γ-bands. The developed methodology is then used to study the properties of directed BNs in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and compare them with that of the healthy controls using both statistical and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analyses. The results indicate that directed information transfer between scalp EEG electrodes in the ADHD subjects d..

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