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Tracking the Relations Between Children's Reading and Emotional Health Across Time: Evidence From Four Large Longitudinal Studies

Genevieve McArthur, Nicholas Badcock, Anne Castles, Serje Robidoux



There is good evidence for an association between poor reading and anxiety, but the mechanisms responsible for this association are currently unknown. In this study, we used structural equation modeling of four large longitudinal databases from the United Kingdom (n = 7,870), the United States (ns = 8,001 and 7,160), and Australia (n = 768) to explore relations between reading and emotional health across childhood. We found that emotional health at age 5 was not related to reading at age 7 but that reading at 7 was related to emotional health at age 9 or 11. We also found that reading, behavior, and attention may be related across development. These findings suggest a working hypothesis that..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by funds provided by the Australian Research Council (grant DP200102241) and Macquarie University. We acknowledge the unknown number of research leaders and research assistants who spent many thousands of hours collecting, scoring, and managing the data that comprise the databases on which this work is based; and the governments, funding bodies, universities, and research groups that allowed open access to these data.