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Cannabinoid polymorphisms interact with plasma endocannabinoid levels to predict fear extinction learning

Luke J Ney, Allison Matthews, Chia-Ming Ken Hsu, Daniel Zuj, Emma Nicholson, Trevor Steward, David Nichols, Bronwyn Graham, Ben Harrison, Raimondo Bruno, Kim Felmingham



BACKGROUND: The endocannabinoid system is gaining increasing attention as a favorable target for improving posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatments. Exposure therapy is the gold-standard treatment for PTSD, and fear extinction learning is a key concept underlying successful exposure. METHODS: This study examined the role of genetic endocannabinoid polymorphisms in a fear extinction paradigm with PTSD compared to healthy participants (N = 220). Participants provided saliva for genotyping, completed a fear conditioning and extinction task, with blood samples taken before and after the task (n = 57). Skin conductance was the outcome and was analyzed using mixed models. RESULTS: Results f..

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