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Near-Infrared Thienoisoindigos with Aggregation-Induced Emission: Molecular Design, Optical Performance, and Bioimaging Application.

Weijie Chen, Chen Zhang, Huijuan Chen, Kun Zang, Sheng Hua Liu, Yuan Xie, Ying Tan, Jun Yin

Anal Chem | Published : 2021


Thienoisoindigo as a popular conjugated skeleton has been constantly applied in the construction of organic optoelectronic materials. Exploring its new applications in fluorescent sensors and bioimaging is helpful to extend its potential. In this work, a thienoisoindigo fluorophore was first selected as a building block to be applied in the construction of the near-infrared fluorescent materials with an aggregation-induced emission manner through introducing triarylamine, thiophene-bridged triarylamine, and N,N-dimethyl styrene, respectively. These fluorescent agents showed the near-infrared emission and possessed typical aggregation-induced emission behavior. Although they had low band gaps..

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