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Tissue Imaging of Glutathione-Specific Naphthalimide-Cyanine Dye with Two-Photon and Near-Infrared Manners.

Zhiqiang Xu, Xiaoting Huang, Ming-Xing Zhang, Weijie Chen, Sheng Hua Liu, Ying Tan, Jun Yin

Anal Chem | Published : 2019


Molecular probes suitable for different fluorescence imaging technologies can meet the requirements of different scientific research in biological applications. In this work, a naphthalimide-cyanine-based sulfonamide was used to specifically visualize the glutathione of mouse tissues with a two-photon manner for the naphthalimide moiety and a near-infrared manner for the cyanine moiety, respectively. The results showed that this probe served as a dual-model tissue-imaging agent for visualization of glutathione with around 200 μm imaging depth in a two-photon manner and 120 μm imaging depth in a near-infrared manner, which provided a model for tissue imaging in the visible and near-infrared c..

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