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Drug sales confirm clinical advantage of multi-target inhibition of drug escapes by anticancer kinase inhibitors.

Shangying Chen, Sheng Yong Yang, Zhe Chen, Ying Tan, Yu Yang Jiang, Yu Zong Chen

Drug Dev Res | Published : 2019


The clinical advantage of co-targeting cancer drug escape has been indicated by the percentage of these co-targeting drugs among all multi-target drugs in clinics and clinical trials. This clinical advantage needs to be further interrogated from such perspectives as the clinical impact of multi-target inhibition of drug-escape mediators. This impact may be reflected by drug sales data, that is, multi-target inhibition of higher number of drug-escape mediators favors the expanded coverage of drug-resistant patients leading to higher sales. We investigated whether this expectation is followed by the 25 FDA-approved anticancer kinase inhibitors, which were divided into 11 groups of comparable t..

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