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Antiproliferative activities of the second-generation antipsychotic drug sertindole against breast cancers with a potential application for treatment of breast-to-brain metastases.

Wei Zhang, Cunlong Zhang, Feng Liu, Yu Mao, Wei Xu, Tingting Fan, Qinsheng Sun, Shengnan He, Yuzong Chen, Wei Guo, Ying Tan, Yuyang Jiang

Sci Rep | Published : 2018


Epidemiological observations have shown that schizophrenia patients after long-term drug treatment exhibited reduced tumor incidences. The potential anticancer effects of antipsychotic drugs are subsequently demonstrated. These drugs are of great interest as agents against untreatable brain metastases because of their ability to traverse the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Most drugs tested thus far are the first-generation antipsychotics (FGAs). But their clinical application may be limited due to high risks of deaths in elderly patients. There is an urgent need to find additional BBB-traversing anticancer agents with lower risks of deaths. In this work, we investigated antitumor activities of e..

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