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Core-shell assay based aptasensor for sensitive and selective thrombin detection using dark-field microscopy.

Rui Yang, Shuwen Liu, Zhenjie Wu, Ying Tan, Shuqing Sun

Talanta | Published : 2018


In this work, we developed a robust and ultrasensitive bio-sensor based on the target-aptamer recognition strategy and microscopic enumeration of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) using dark field microscopy (DFM). The aptasensor with a core-shell structure consisting of a magnetic bead (MB), aptamer and AuNPs was fabricated by complementary hybridization of the DNA probe on the AuNPs surface to the aptamer coupled to the MB. Upon addition of the target molecule, the strong interaction between the aptamer and the target molecule, thrombin, results in the release of the AuNPs from the MB. The quantities of thrombin is therefore linearly correlated to the number of the released AuNPs, which can be di..

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