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Sensitive Conjugated-Polymer-Based Fluorescent ATP Probes and Their Application in Cell Imaging.

Zhifang Chen, Pan Wu, Rong Cong, Naihan Xu, Ying Tan, Chunyan Tan, Yuyang Jiang

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces | Published : 2016


Three cationic conjugated polyelectrolytes (CPEs) with a common poly(p-phenylene ethynylene terthiophene) backbone and side chains of different lengths, named as PPET3-N1, PPET3-N2, and PPET3-N3, were designed and synthesized. The UV-vis absorption and fluorescence spectra of the polymers vary strongly with solvent composition, suggesting that the polymers are strongly aggregated in H2O. In addition, the spectroscopic properties of the polymers are affected by small-molecule ATP, characterized by significant fluorescence intensity decreases and red shifts of their absorption bands. Further application of these polymers in cell imaging was studied by confocal fluorescence microscopy, which de..

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