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The Assessment of the Readiness of Molecular Biomarker-Based Mobile Health Technologies for Healthcare Applications.

Chu Qin, Lin Tao, Yik Hui Phang, Cheng Zhang, Shang Ying Chen, Peng Zhang, Ying Tan, Yu Yang Jiang, Yu Zong Chen

Sci Rep | Published : 2015


Mobile health technologies to detect physiological and simple-analyte biomarkers have been explored for the improvement and cost-reduction of healthcare services, some of which have been endorsed by the US FDA. Advancements in the investigations of non-invasive and minimally-invasive molecular biomarkers and biomarker candidates and the development of portable biomarker detection technologies have fuelled great interests in these new technologies for mhealth applications. But apart from the development of more portable biomarker detection technologies, key questions need to be answered and resolved regarding to the relevance, coverage, and performance of these technologies and the big data m..

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