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Food Processing Waste: A Potential Source for Bioactive Compounds

Huma Bader Ul Ain, Farhan Saeed, Colin J Barrow, Frank R Dunshea, Hafiz Ansar Rasul Suleria

Bioactive Compounds in Underutilized Fruits and Nuts | Springer International Publishing | Published : 2020


In the past, unfortunately, fruit processing wastes and by-products have not been taken seriously. However, in recent era, fruit processing industries have undergone rapid growth globally owing to the awareness of public and scientists. Fruit processing wastes are considered as valuable resource owing to the presence of a broad spectrum of bioactive moieties including polyphenols, antioxidants, proteins, dietary fiber, enzymes, flavoring aromas, organic acids, and minerals. Scientists are trying to recover various bioactive compounds from these wastes through specific extraction techniques, i.e., conventional and novel techniques. Applications of food processing wastes in food, textile, cosm..

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