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Staggered Magnetisation in the Heisenberg Antiferromagnet

Lloyd CL Hollenberg, Michael J Tomlinson

Australian Journal of Physics | CSIRO Publishing | Published : 1994


In the presence of a staggered magnetic field, the plaquette expansion of the Lanczos matrix elements are obtained for the antiferromagnetic 2D Heisenberg model up to order 1/Np (Np is the number of plaquettes on the lattice). The resulting approximate tri-diagonal form of the Hamiltonian is diagonalised for various values of the field strength in the -> 00 limit for the ground state energy density. From the behaviour of the ground-state energy density at weak fields, the staggered magnetisation at this order in the plaquette expansion is found to be 0�71 (in units where the Neel state staggered magnetisation is 1� 0).

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