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Evolution of the Magnetic Field of a Neutron Star During Polar-Cap Accretion

A Melatos, ES Phinney

International Astronomical Union Colloquium | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2000


Neutron stars that have experienced episodes of mass transfer exhibit lower magnetic dipole momentsμthan other neutron stars, e.g. binary radio pulsars with high-mass (μ∼ 1028G cm3) and low-mass (μ∼ 1027G cm3) companions, isolated millisecond pulsars (μ∼ 1026G cm3), and accreting objects in low-mass X-ray binaries (μ< 1027G cm3). Indeed, theμ-versus-orbital-period andμ-versus-age relations for low-mass and high-mass binaries imply thatμdecreasesmonotonicallywith accreted massMa(Taam & van den Heuvel 1986; van den Heuvel & Bitzaraki 1995). Simple Ohmic field decay cannot be responsible given the existence of cold and therefore old white-dwarf companions (Kulkarni 1986). Alternative..

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