Journal article

Transient radio emission from PSR B1259–63

Lewis Ball, Andrew Melatos, Simon Johnston, Olaf Skjæraasen

International Astronomical Union Colloquium | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2000


AbstractThe unique binary pulsar system PSR B1259–63, comprising a radio pulsar in an eccentric orbit about a hot, massive companion star, has been extensively monitored at radio frequencies between 843 MHz and 8.4 GHz during its 1994 and 1997 periastron passages. Unpulsed radio emission was detected for about 100 days around each periastron, varying on time scales as short as a day. We argue that the emission is synchrotron radiation generated as the pulsar passes through the Be-star’s excretion disk just before and just after periastron.

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