Journal article

The Modification of the Abrasion Resistance of Type IIa (110) Diamond Using Carbon and Nitrogen Implantation

Gregory C Anderson, Steven Prawer, Peter N Johnston

MRS Proceedings | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 1992


ABSTRACTThe modification of the wear properties of type Ha diamond following ion implantation with 100 keV carbon and nitrogen has been studied at implantation temperatures of 150 and 470 K. Abrasion testing using low load multiple pass scratch testing with a Rockwell diamond indenter has shown a decrease in wear resistance. Microstructural modifications resulting from ion implantation have been assessed using Channeling Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (C-RBS). No correlation was found between the presence of ion beam induced point defects (as measured by C-RBS) and the increase in wear. There are no obvious wear rate differences observed for nitrogen or carbon implantation.

University of Melbourne Researchers