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Investigation of Diamond Particles Grown by Microwave Plasma CVD on Tungsten Wire Tips.

Sue-Anne Stuart, Steven Prawer, Alon Hoffman, Alec Moodie, Paul Weiser

MRS Proceedings | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 1990


ABSTRACTLarge diamond particles up to 30μm in diameter have been deposited on W wire tips using Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition. Raman, SEM and TEM investigations were all carried out on a single particle. Large growth steps were observed on (100) facets but were absent on the (111) facets. Raman measurements indicated greater crystalline quality for (100) than (111) facets. TEM revealed the (111) facets to be covered with small islands of diamond about 10Å high. The dominant defect was found to be stacking faulting on the {111} planes which gives rise to some hexagonal spacings in the electron diffraction pattern. The results suggest that growth in the and directions are drive..

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