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Triggered Single-photon Source based on Photoluminescence of Nickel-related Colour Centres in CVD-grown Nanodiamonds

E Wu, James Rabeau, François Treussart, Vincent Jacques, Heping Zeng, Steven Prawer, Philippe Grangier, Jean-François Roch

MRS Advances | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 2007


AbstractWe report on the realization of a solid-state single-photon source in the near infrared at room temperature. It is based on the photoluminescence of a single NE8 colour center in a CVD grown diamond nanocrystal. Antibunching has been observed in the fluorescence light under both continuous and pulsed excitation. Our source delivers 30 kcts/s single-photon pulses at an excitation repetition rate of 20 MHz.

University of Melbourne Researchers