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Counting plants: The extent and adequacy of monitoring for a continental-scale list of threatened plant species

T Lavery, D Lindenmayer, W Blanchard, A Carey, E Cook, P Copley, NA Macgregor, R Melzer, C Nano, L Prentice, BC Scheele, S Sinclair, D Southwell, S Stuart, M Wilson, J Woinarski

Biological Conservation | Elsevier | Published : 2021


Monitoring of threatened species is a critical part of conserving biodiversity. It is needed to understand population trajectories, threatening processes, and the type and effectiveness of management responses needed to ensure persistence and recovery. Characteristics of some plant species (e.g. immobility) should render them amenable to monitoring, whereas other characteristics (e.g. ephemeral life histories) will make plant monitoring challenging. We evaluated monitoring adequacy and extent for a large sample (839 taxa) of Australia's threatened plants (1336 taxa) and compared this assessment with a similar evaluation for threatened vertebrates. We found 37.2% of threatened plants are moni..

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