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Support for and willingness to be involved in voluntary assisted dying: a multisite, cross-sectional survey study of clinicians in Victoria, Australia

Marcus Sellars, Mark Tacey, Rosalind McDougall, Barbara Hayes, Bridget Pratt, Courtney Hempton, Karen Detering, Rosemary Aldrich, Melanie Benson, Jeffrey Kirwan, Michelle Gold, Lisa O'Driscoll, Danielle Ko



BACKGROUND: In the Australian state of Victoria, specialist doctors are central to the operation of voluntary assisted dying (VAD). However, a broad range of clinicians may be involved in the care of patients requesting or using VAD. AIMS: To describe levels of support for and willingness to be involved in VAD and consider factors associated with clinician support for the VAD legislation and physicians' willingness to provide VAD in practice. METHODS: A multisite, cross-sectional survey of clinicians in seven Victorian hospitals. All clinicians were invited to complete an online survey measuring demographic characteristics, awareness of and support for the VAD legislation, willingness to par..

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