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A Synthetic DNA Construct to Evaluate the Recovery Efficiency of Cell-Free DNA Extraction and Bisulfite Modification.

Su Kah Goh, Daniel RA Cox, Boris Ka Leong Wong, Ashan Musafer, Tom Witkowski, Hongdo Do, Vijayaragavan Muralidharan, Alexander Dobrovic

Clin Chem | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: Despite improvements in the genetic and epigenetic analysis of cell-free DNA (cfDNA), there has been limited focus on assessing the preanalytical variables of recovery efficiency following cfDNA extraction and bisulfite modification. Quantification of recovery efficiency after these steps can facilitate quality assurance and improve reliability when comparing serial samples. METHODS: We developed an exogenous DNA Construct to Evaluate the Recovery Efficiency of cfDNA extraction and BISulfite modification (CEREBIS) after cfDNA extraction and/or subsequent bisulfite modification from plasma. The strategic placement of cytosine bases in the 180 bp CEREBIS enabled PCR amplification o..

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