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Functional Connectivity in Antipsychotic-Treated and Antipsychotic-Naive Patients With First-Episode Psychosis and Low Risk of Self-harm or Aggression A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial

Sidhant Chopra, Shona M Francey, Brian O'Donoghue, Kristina Sabaroedin, Aurina Arnatkeviciute, Vanessa Cropley, Barnaby Nelson, Jessica Graham, Lara Baldwin, Steven Tahtalian, Hok Pan Yuen, Kelly Allott, Mario Alvarez-Jimenez, Susy Harrigan, Christos Pantelis, Stephen J Wood, Patrick McGorry, Alex Fornito



Importance: Altered functional connectivity (FC) is a common finding in resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI) studies of people with psychosis, yet how FC disturbances evolve in the early stages of illness, and how antipsychotic treatment influences these disturbances, remains unknown. Objective: To investigate longitudinal FC changes in antipsychotic-naive and antipsychotic-treated patients with first-episode psychosis (FEP). Design, Setting, and Participants: This secondary analysis of a triple-blind, randomized clinical trial was conducted over a 5-year recruitment period between April 2008 and December 2016 with 59 antipsychotic-naive patients with FEP receiving e..

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Awarded by NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellowship

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Awarded by NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported in part by grants 1105825 and 1196508 from the NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellowship and the NHMRC L3 Investigator Grant, respectively (Prof Pantelis), and grant 1137687 from the NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship (Prof Nelson). Janssen-Cilag partially supported the early years of this study with an unrestricted investigator-initiated grant and provided risperidone, paliperidone, and matched placebo for the first 30 participants. The study was then funded by grant 1064704 from the Australian NHMRC Project (Dr Francey, Prof Nelson, Dr Allott, Dr Alvarez-Jimenez, Dr Harrigan, Prof McGorry, and Dr Fornito). Control participants were funded by NHMRC project grant 1065742 (Dr Cropley and Prof Pantelis). Dr Cropley was supported by NHMRC EL2 Investigator Grant 1177370.