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The chicken or the egg? Exploring bidirectional associations between Newcastle disease vaccination and village chicken flock size in rural Tanzania

Julia de Bruyn, Peter C Thomson, Brigitte Bagnoll, Wende Maulaga, Elpidius Rukambile, Robyn G Alders



Newcastle disease (ND) is a viral disease of poultry with global importance, responsible for the loss of a potential source of household nutrition and economic livelihood in many low-income food-deficit countries. Periodic outbreaks of this endemic disease result in high mortality amongst free-ranging chicken flocks and may serve as a disincentive for rural households to invest time or resources in poultry-keeping. Sustainable ND control can be achieved through vaccination using a thermotolerant vaccine administered via eyedrop by trained "community vaccinators". This article evaluates the uptake and outcomes of fee-for-service ND vaccination programs in eight rural villages in the semi-arid..

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Awarded by Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Funding Acknowledgements

This work forms part of a study funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research [FSC/2012/023;]: "Strengthening food and nutrition security through family poultry and crop integration in Tanzania and Zambia". RA is Principal Investigator on this project. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.