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Using imagery and computer vision as remote monitoring methods for early detection of respiratory disease in pigs

M Jorquera-Chavez, S Fuentes, FR Dunshea, RD Warner, T Poblete, RR Unnithan, RS Morrison, EC Jongman

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture | Published : 2021


Respiratory diseases in pigs impact the wellbeing of animals and increase the cost of production. One of the most appropriate approaches to minimizing these negative effects is the early detection of ill animals. The use of cameras coupled with computer-based techniques could assist the early detection of physiological changes in pigs when they are beginning to become ill and prior to exhibiting clinical signs. This study consisted of two experiments that aimed to (a) evaluate the use of computer-based techniques over RGB (red, green, and blue) and thermal infrared imagery to measure heart rate and respiration rate of pigs, and (b) to investigate whether eye-temperature, heart rate and respi..

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