Journal article

Beyond beliefs: Multidimensional aspects of religion and spirituality in language.

DB Yaden, S Giorgi, ML Kern, A Adler, LH Ungar, MEP Seligman, JC Eichstaedt

Psychology of Religion and Spirituality | American Psychological Association (APA) | Published : 2021


Religion and spirituality are multidimensional constructs including practices, rituals, and experiences, though they are often treated solely in terms of belief. In this study (N = 2,389), we investigate dimensions examined in previous linguistic analysis studies—religious affiliation and experiences of unity—and new dimensions: religious services, prayer, meditation, and religious/spiritual experience. We replicate previous findings related to the linguistic correlates of religious affiliation, in which language categories of religion, social, and positive emotion categories are positively related, while negative emotion and insight (a marker of analytic thinking) are negatively related. Ho..

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