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Mucor circinelloides Thrives inside the Phagosome through an Atf-Mediated Germination Pathway.

Carlos Pérez-Arques, María Isabel Navarro-Mendoza, Laura Murcia, Carlos Lax, Pablo Martínez-García, Joseph Heitman, Francisco E Nicolás, Victoriano Garre

mBio | American Society for Microbiology | Published : 2019


Mucormycosis is an emerging fungal infection that is often lethal due to the ineffectiveness of current therapies. Here, we have studied the first stage of this infection-the germination of Mucor circinelloides spores inside phagocytic cells-from an integrated transcriptomic and functional perspective. A relevant fungal gene network is remodeled in response to phagocytosis, being enriched in crucial functions to survive and germinate inside the phagosome, such as nutritional adaptation and response to oxidative stress. Correspondingly, the phagocytic cells induced a specific proinflammatory and apoptotic response to the pathogenic strain. Deletion of fungal genes encoding putative transcript..

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