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Genomic partitioning of inbreeding depression in humans.

Loic Yengo, Jian Yang, Matthew C Keller, Michael E Goddard, Naomi R Wray, Peter M Visscher

Am J Hum Genet | Published : 2021


Across species, offspring of related individuals often exhibit significant reduction in fitness-related traits, known as inbreeding depression (ID), yet the genetic and molecular basis for ID remains elusive. Here, we develop a method to quantify enrichment of ID within specific genomic annotations and apply it to human data. We analyzed the phenomes and genomes of ∼350,000 unrelated participants of the UK Biobank and found, on average of over 11 traits, significant enrichment of ID within genomic regions with high recombination rates (>21-fold; p 19-fold; p < 10-4), and within regulatory elements such as DNase I hypersensitive sites (∼5-fold; p = 8.9 × 10-7). We also quantified enrichment o..

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