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Dinuclear orthometallated gold(I)-gold(III) anticancer complexes with potent in vivo activity through an ROS-dependent mechanism

Nedaossadat Mirzadeh, Srinivasa Reddy Telukutla, Rodney Luwor, Steven Priver, Ganga Reddy Velma, Ranjith Kumar Jakku, Stephens N Andrew, Magdalena Plebanski, Hartinger Christian, Suresh Bhargava



Increasingly explored over the last decade, gold complexes have shown great promise in the field of cancer therapeutics. A major obstacle to their clinical progression has been their lack of in vivo stability, particularly for gold(III) complexes, which often undergo a facile reduction in the presence of biomolecules such as glutathione. Herein, we report a new class of promising anticancer gold(I)-gold(III) complexes with the general formula [XAuI(μ-2-C6F4PPh2)(κ2-2-C6F4PPh2)AuIIIX] [X = Cl (1), Br (2), NO3 (3)] which feature two gold atoms in different oxidation states (I and III) in a single molecule. Interestingly, gold(I)-gold(III) complexes (1-3) are stable against glutathione reductio..

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