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Extracorporeal treatments for isoniazid poisoning: Systematic review and recommendations from the EXTRIP workgroup.

James B Mowry, Greene Shepherd, Robert S Hoffman, Valery Lavergne, Sophie Gosselin, Thomas D Nolin, Anitha Vijayan, Jan T Kielstein, Darren M Roberts, Marc Ghannoum, undefined Extracorporeal Treatments in Poisoning workgroup

Pharmacotherapy | Published : 2021


Isoniazid toxicity from self-poisoning or dosing errors remains common in regions of the world where tuberculosis is prevalent. Although the treatment of isoniazid poisoning is centered on supportive care and pyridoxine administration, extracorporeal treatments (ECTRs), such as hemodialysis, have been advocated to enhance elimination of isoniazid. No systematic reviews or evidence-based recommendations currently exist on the benefit of ECTRs for isoniazid poisoning. The Extracorporeal Treatments in Poisoning (EXTRIP) workgroup systematically collected and rated the available evidence on the effect of and indications for ECTRs in cases of isoniazid poisoning. We conducted a systematic review ..

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