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Optimizing sampling design and sequencing strategy for the genomic analysis of quantitative traits in natural populations

Jefferson F Paril, David J Balding, Alexandre Fournier-Level



Mapping the genes underlying ecologically relevant traits in natural populations is fundamental to develop a molecular understanding of species adaptation. Current sequencing technologies enable the characterization of a species' genetic diversity across the landscape or even over its whole range. The relevant capture of the genetic diversity across the landscape is critical for a successful genetic mapping of traits and there are no clear guidelines on how to achieve an optimal sampling and which sequencing strategy to implement. Here we determine, through simulation, the sampling scheme that maximizes the power to map the genetic basis of a complex trait in an outbreeding species across an..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Uli Felzmann from IT services, Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne, for his outstanding support. We acknowledge the extensive use of the Spartan High Performance Computing and the Melbourne Research Cloud systems. Part of this work was supported through the Computational Biology Research Initiative Seed Fund awarded to A.F.-L., and the David Hay Fund.