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Characterization and interrelationships of theory of mind, socially competitive emotions and affective empathy in bipolar disorder

Cecilie K Lemvigh, James A Karantonis, Lisa S Furlong, Sean P Carruthers, Christos Pantelis, Susan L Rossell, Tamsyn E Van Rheenen



OBJECTIVE: Evidence shows impaired theory of mind (ToM) in patients with bipolar disorder (BD), yet research examining its cognitive and affective components simultaneously is sparse. Moreover, recognition of socially competitive 'fortune of others' emotions (e.g. envy/gloat) may be related to ToM, but has not been assessed in BD. Finally, if and how ToM and 'fortune of others' emotions relate to affective empathy in BD is currently unclear. This study aimed to address these points. METHODS: 64 BD patients and 34 healthy controls completed the Yoni task, a visual task assessing first- and second-order cognitive and affective ToM as well as 'fortune of others' emotions. The Toronto Empathy Qu..

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Awarded by NHMRC (TVR)

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Jack Brockhoff Foundation; University of Melbourne; Barbara Dicker Brain Sciences Foundation; Rebecca L Cooper Foundation; the Society of Mental Health Research; NHMRC (TVR, Early Career Fellowship [grant number GNT1088785]; SLR, Senior Fellowship [grant number GNT1154651]; CP, Senior Principal Research Fellowship [grant number 1105825]); CP was also supported by a NHMRC L3 Investigator Grant (1196508), and NHMRC Program Grant (ID: 1150083); Swinburne University (JK postgraduate scholarship); and Australian Rotary Health/Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund/Brunslea Park Estate (LF postgraduate scholarship).