Conference Proceedings

Engineering Comes Home: Co-designing nexus infrastructure from the bottom-up

Sarah Bell, Aiduan Borrion, Kat Austen, Jun Matsushita, Rob Comber, Peter Melville-Shreeve

ISNGI Conference Proceedings 2017 | UKCRIC | Published : 2017


The ‘nexus’ between water, food and energy systems is well established. It is conventionally analysed as a supply-side problem of infrastructure interdependencies, overlooking demand-side interactions and opportunities. The home is one of the most significant sites of nexus interactions and opportunities for redesigning technologies and infrastructure. New developments in ‘smart city’ technologies have the potential to support a bottom-up approach to designing and managing nexus infrastructure. The Engineering Comes Home was a research project that turned infrastructure design on its head. The objectives of the project were to:  Demonstrate a new paradigm for engineering design starting fro..

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