Conference Proceedings

Social & Geographic Network Modelling & Analysis Techniques using Pajek software

James Rose

AustKin II Convention | Centre for Research on Language Change, Australian National University | Published : 2012


This presentation will describe the potential application of network modelling & analysis techniques to the ARC project AustKin II, as a means for enhancing the following: • Visual models of real-world cognatic and affinal relationship networks; • Visual models of idealised and real-world socio-centric kin term networks (e.g. moiety, section, dreaming etc.); • Visual models of ego-centric kin term networks (e.g. mother, mother’s-brother’sdaughter, spouse etc.); • Visual models of geospatial and temporal language distribution and interaction, and; • Analysis of network phenomena in models of language distribution and interaction, including transitivity, density, clustering, centrality and ce..

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