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Genomics-informed responses in the elimination of COVID-19 in Victoria, Australia: an observational, genomic epidemiological study

Courtney R Lane, Norelle L Sherry, Ashleigh F Porter, Sebastian Duchene, Kristy Horan, Patiyan Andersson, Mathilda Wilmot, Annabelle Turner, Sally Dougall, Sandra A Johnson, Michelle Sait, Anders Gonsalves da Silva, Susan A Ballard, Tuyet Hoang, Timothy P Stinear, Leon Caly, Vitali Sintchenko, Rikki Graham, Jamie McMahon, David Smith Show all



BACKGROUND: A cornerstone of Australia's ability to control COVID-19 has been effective border control with an extensive supervised quarantine programme. However, a rapid recrudescence of COVID-19 was observed in the state of Victoria in June, 2020. We aim to describe the genomic findings that located the source of this second wave and show the role of genomic epidemiology in the successful elimination of COVID-19 for a second time in Australia. METHODS: In this observational, genomic epidemiological study, we did genomic sequencing of all laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Victoria, Australia between Jan 25, 2020, and Jan 31, 2021. We did phylogenetic analyses, genomic clus..

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